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Your testimonies

Among the many testimonies of users of our products, we have selected the following collected during our ever fruitful meetings with them during trade fairs, agricultural fairs and various other events.  Some users have even written to us to share their experience.

•    I've been using your VETEBIOL Veterinary Balm (formerly VEGEBOM) to treat cases of mastitis in my herd for years and I'm very satisfied with the product.  I also wanted to add that I find it just as useful in the Winter in the event of chapped and cracked skin.
Mr Gilbert M.  Milk producer in the Morbihan (56) France

•    I am a cattle chiropodist (also called a foot trimmer) and I use VETEBIOL Veterinary ointment very regularly in my job.  I also get very good healing results when treating hooves.
Mr Didier J.  Cattle chiropodist in the Manche (50) France

•    Hello to the entire team!
We always have VETEBIOL active vegetable balm in our goat shed (we have about a hundred goats) and often use it to care for our animals' udders.  We also use it to treat small skin problems such as bruises and superficial wounds.  
Mr Joêl T.  Goat cheese producer in the Somme (80) France

•    My husband and I are farmers and I care for our herd of sheep in particular.  I am an enthusiastic user of VETEBIOL active vegetable balm, which I use to relieve my ewes' udders when congested.
Mrs Christine G.  Farmer in the Oise (60) France

•    As a pig breeder in Finistère, I systematically apply VETEBIOL Veterinary ointment to the udders of my sows after each litter.  It softens the udders and helps soothe the sow.  I'd also like to add that the product's healing action is also interesting when used on lesions on the teats caused by the piglets' teeth.
Mr Christophe L.  Pig breeder in Finistère (29) France.

•    Following a blow, a bruise appeared on the rump of one of our fillies.  Oral diuretic treatment and the application of your VETEBIOL horse product twice a day resulted in the disappearance of bruising within three days.
Mr P.  Trainer in Lamorlaye (60) France

•    As the owner of a horse-riding centre with some thirty saddle horses, I often use your active plant balm for horses on problems involving chapped pasterns, bruises and contusions, itchiness or insect bites.  I actually always have your ointment close to hand: it's the miracle product I use to treat a whole range of minor ailments!
Mrs Marie B.  Horse riding centre in the Ardèche (07) France

•    I used VETEBIOL for horses on mine when they were suffering from Summer dermatitis and the results were very positive whereas the other products previously used had had no effect.
I now recommend your product to my acquaintances.
Mrs Sophie D.  Horse owner in the Camargue, France

•    I am a dog breeder in Belgium.  A French friend of mine gave me a tube of VETEBIOL Veterinary Balm.  I find it very effective and above all, very natural.  I used it to treat phantom pregnancies among my bitches with great results!
Mrs C.  Breeder of competition dogs in Belgium

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